Food & Beverage Analyst

Pacific Yield is leading the way in Food & Beverage Revenue Management with our F&B Analyst tool. Through a step-by-step process and an advanced data-mining system, F&B Analyst transforms your menu, staff, customer and restaurant layout into revenue generators.

Effectively managing F&B concepts like Menu Engineering or Revenue Management requires detailed and flexible information on each facet of your restaurant. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to acquire before necessary information. Instead what management often faces is a mountain of papers that lack the detail, customization, or flexibility to effectively apply advanced F&B theories.

F&B Analyst transforms information from your F&B Point of Sale System into intelligence you can use. We have a professional F&B Analyst perform a detailed analysis using our custom-made Intelligence Software. We then train your team to incorporate the findings into its daily operations. And finally, your future success is insured through an ongoing reporting system that maximizes profits.

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