Accurate and flexible forecasts is the key to any successful Revenue Management program. Pacific Yield forecasts enable your team to better manage room inventory, yield higher rates, and match staffing levels to demand. Our forecasts are scientifically accurate because the basis of these forecasts is on real-time reservations, historical booking patterns and key market factors.

Automated and scientific - Most businesses rely upon unscientific forecasts which are based upon manual data inputting. These inaccurate forecast make predicting demand nearly impossible and then, in turn, costs the organization thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Over many years of working with hotels we have developed the PY Forecast, which automates the forecasting process and delivers accurate and detailed reports on demand.

Delivered how and when you need it - PY forecast utilizes customized software that takes your reservation history and real-time reservations through an advanced algorithm. We then project future demand by key segments to provide a detailed look at your market. Finally we provide a clear, flexible, and illustrative forecast report delivered to you as you need it.

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